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Whether you are renting or selling a property with a swimming pool or spa, owners will have additional obligations to meet.

Our fully accredited team will inspect your pool and surrounds including all gates & latches. We will check your pool’s barrier, property boundary fencing and landscaping to make sure that none of these conflicts with Australian Standards or with the NSW Swimming Pools Act 1992, as amended.

If your pool or spa does not comply, we issue a detailed “Notice to Comply” which provides a tailored action plan to ensure your pool becomes compliant. Sellers who wish to pass on responsibility for any rectification works to the purchaser will be issued a Non Compliance Certificate which then forms a part of their Sales Contract.

Prior to leasing a property with a swimming pool or spa pool, you must ensure you have:

  • A current certificate of compliance
  • A copy of the compliance certificate provided to the tenant which forms a part the residential tenancy agreement
  • Compliance certificate for the property is renewed every 3 years prior to expiry

When selling a property with a swimming pool or spa pool, you must ensure the contract for sale includes:

  • Registration Certificate issued from the Swimming Pool Register
  • a valid swimming pool certificate of compliance, or
  • a relevant occupation certificate issued within the last 3 years, or
  • a valid certificate of non-compliance.

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